A number of years ago I started doing Art with my own children and soon more and more friends would come and join us. I now run ART workshops, an ART Club for children, Art coaching classes for secondary school students, Interior Design/Home decorating classes for adults and organize ART parties in my studio.

For the past 10 years I was based in Den Haag and have recently moved to Amsterdam where we have a lovely studio, in a great location and a wonderful garden.

I also have another Art studio where I make my own artwork and more importantly, where I can make a mess and don’t need to tidy up!

I am a professional artist and have had a long career in Art. I have exhibited my work in galleries and museums at home and abroad and as an interior designer I am currently working on a project in Chelsea, London.

I grew up in England speaking both English and Dutch and have spent a number of years living abroad with my family as expats.